The valleys of the Beaume and the Drobie, between 300 m and 1500 m altitude offers many activities and entertainment:


   * Swimming in the 3 rivers of the 2 valleys: the Beaume, Drobie and Salindres: these three rivers have very many pools


   * Fishing (brown trout) in the 3 rivers


   * Cave Chauvet Cave Pont d'Arc, classified heritage of humanity by UNESCO, located 50 km


   * The Ardèche Gorges located 50 km


   * The Ardèche villages of character: Laboule, Beaumont, Largentière, Joyeuse and Les Vans


   * Cévenols weekly markets in the towns of Largentière, Joyeuse Les Vans


   * Walk or trail (running on paths and trails) on many marked trails


   * Road bike on the route of the famous cycling race "L'Ardéchoise"


   * Mountain biking on paths and trails

   * In October , chestnuts picking in our forest


   * In winter, alpine skiing and cross on Cross station Bauzon


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